17 9 / 2012

Join the Scope for Android VIP Program Today Only

We’re getting close to releasing a new version of Scope and along with that we’re launching a VIP program. This is your chance to get access to and provide feedback on the latest builds of Scope for Android before we release them. To keep the VIP program mangeable we’ll only be opening up registration for 24 hour.

Sign-up for the program here: Join VIP

Doing this will ensure access to the latest builds of the app.


(This is currently Android only)

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11 8 / 2012

Introducing Reshare: Helping you spread the awesome

Today’s update brings a new feature we’re really excited about called Resharing. Its like Retweeting/Reblogging on steroids and makes forwarding a post to all your social networks dead simple and super fast.

Resharing is integrated into the Twitter Retweet and Tumblr Reblog buttons. Just click Reshare on any update from Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram select the networks you want to post it to and we’ll figure out the best way to post it.

Find an awesome picture on Instagram with Reshare you can instantly share it with all your followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook.

We hope Resharing will help spread interesting, newsworthy, or even just plain funny information quickly.

You’ll also notice we made it super simple to share your favorites and likes to your Facebook timeline. We think its a cool way to keep track of all the interesting things you find in Scope in one place.

These new features are a couple of ways we’re helping break down the barriers between networks.